Incoming/Outgoing Filter

  • Incoming Filter

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    • Why Choose Cloudhost Email Anti Defense Solution ?

      Cloudhost’s Email Anti Defense Solution combines smart technologies and protective measures to eliminate and kill spam mail before it reaches your network. Morever it is a self learning defense system and also works to kill new spam methods as well.

      Identify new spam and malware outbreaks immediately--
      Our Cloudhost’s Email Anti Defense Solution is continuously improving by collecting data and analyse the same, thereby instantly detecting new patterns and outbreaks. This accumulated intelligent data is synchronised real-time with all our cloud network worldwide, assuring timely and continuous protection against new threats.
  • Outgoing Filter

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    • Protect your IP and company reputation-
      Help secure your IP ranges against blacklisting by filtering outgoing spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats. Blacklisting prevention can not only help secure your IP.

      Save costs-
      Outside of reputation damages, you can save the time and costs associated with locating abused accounts, delisting,

      Improve abuse manageability-
      Benefit from transparency and control over abuse within your network.
      Ensure continuous email delivery-
      Add a layer of outgoing email continuity to help ensure delivery of your outbound email.